Golly ned, that’s a big Cairn

My pal Dave Tucker sent me this great shot of a new cairn. Here’s what he told me.

“The City of Bellingham recently completed a new roundabout at the intersection of S. State, Wharf, Forest, and Boulevard. They placed a large cairn in the center [lit at night]. The bottom two, and uppermost, rocks are dunite, presumably from the Twin Sisters. The second to top is serpentinite. The stones are balanced and are about 12′ feet tall- somewhat foreshortened
in this photo.”

Way to go Bellingham.


One Big Cairn



2 thoughts on “Golly ned, that’s a big Cairn”

  1. That is a good one! I’ve noticed other cairns at residential subdivisions in Auburn, South Pierce County, and Lacey. The large boulders are unearthed during mass grading, and it is always a challenge for the earthwork contractor to deal with. They are hard to move, and, unless there is a low area to fill, there is no place to put them. Its neat that the land raping developers and/or municipal officials occasionally have the creativity to build a boulder cairn as such.

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