THE Puget Sound

The Puget Sound. Puget’s Sound. Puget Sound. What is the name of the waterway that George Vancouver designated as Puget’s Sound in his journal of May 29, 1792? As he so often does, my pal Knute Berger has found a fine little controversy to address in his fabulous history shorts on KCTS 9. Check it out. And, like Knute, I discourage the use of THE in front of Puget. THE Sound is okay but not THE Puget Sound.

West Seattle Podcast Walk 1

Recently I was interviewed by Andrew Stuckey for his Podcast: West Seattle. Our subject was my book Seattle Walks and the walks in West Seattle. Andrew ended up dividing the talk into two parts. The first one covers the infamous Pigeon Point and its “hidden bunker.”

Here’s a link. I appear eight minutes in, though I recommend listening to the entire story. Andrew did a great job of weaving the interview with a walk he took with friends.