Cairns in Spokane

As many people know, cairns aren’t only found on the trail. Turns … [ continue ]

Save Our Cairns

Karen Daubert, Executive Director of Washington Trails Association, recently sent me information … [ continue ]

Final Battle of the Cairns

Living within sight of a famously tall mountain can engender a sense … [ continue ]

Cairns: I turn my book galleys in

Golly ned, I turned in the galleys of my new book yesterday. … [ continue ]

Scott's Well-Traveled Cairn

“I do not think I can write more…For Gods sake look after … [ continue ]

Cairns in the New York Times

Apparently Doug Schwartz is destroying the cliffs and shoreline on Staten Island. … [ continue ]

Thoreau's Cairn

Henry David Thoreau and I might have had a few spats. Despite … [ continue ]

An Epidemic of Cairns

Recently, I sent out requests for stories about notable experiences with cairns … [ continue ]

My New Book on Cairns

I would like to formally announce that I have started work on … [ continue ]