Two wonderful and thoughtful reviews

I am so honored to have these generous, thoughtful, field-tested reviews. And I am pleased that they got what I was trying to do–to get people outside and discover our amazing city and its natural and human stories.

The Seattle Review of Books – My favorite line: ” Like any good guide, Williams provides everything an amateur flaneur (flanateur?) needs to know.” I do like to think of myself as a kind of flaneur.

Island Books – My favorite line: “If we hadn’t been looking for something to look at we wouldn’t have seen it, wouldn’t have detoured through it, wouldn’t have chatted with one of the residents, and wouldn’t have been offered hand-wrapped packages of quinoa to take home. I know that sounds like something I made up, but it really happened. Didn’t it?” Wow, no one offered me quinoa, either here or on any of my walks. Guess I got to go back and try again.

Two new book covers

Pleased as punch to show off the covers for my two new books, which will be out in 2016. The first one comes out in March and will be published by the University of Washington Press. The title explains it all. There will be 17 walks around the city, emphasizing many cool locations.

seattlewalks-williamsMy second book will be co-authored with historian Jennifer Ott and will be published by The book tells the story of the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, which officially opened on July 4, 1917. In the book, we trace the history of the locks and canal and surrounding landscape from geologic time to present time and explore the economic, environmental, and social changes that resulted the complete reengineering of Lake Washington, Lake Union, Salmon Bay, and the Black River. waterway cover