Late but great news

Wow, I just discovered that Seattle Walks was the number 5 bestseller at Island Books in 2017. That’s an amazing honor. (Mostly I am simply pleased to beat out that guy named Tom Hanks.) Thank you to the store and their great support of regional authors. We are so blessed in the Seattle area to have so many astounding local independent bookstores. Let’s do all we can to support them, particularly on April 28, Independent Bookstore Day.Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 5.38.30 PM

Two wonderful and thoughtful reviews

I am so honored to have these generous, thoughtful, field-tested reviews. And I am pleased that they got what I was trying to do–to get people outside and discover our amazing city and its natural and human stories.

The Seattle Review of Books – My favorite line: ” Like any good guide, Williams provides everything an amateur flaneur (flanateur?) needs to know.” I do like to think of myself as a kind of flaneur.

Island Books – My favorite line: “If we hadn’t been looking for something to look at we wouldn’t have seen it, wouldn’t have detoured through it, wouldn’t have chatted with one of the residents, and wouldn’t have been offered hand-wrapped packages of quinoa to take home. I know that sounds like something I made up, but it really happened. Didn’t it?” Wow, no one offered me quinoa, either here or on any of my walks. Guess I got to go back and try again.