• My award-winning book about Seattle
    From razing Denny Hill to rejiggering Lake Washington to filling in the Duwamish River tideflats, I explore the history of Seattle through the lens of its topography. Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle's Topography. Published September 2015. More...

I write about natural history, primarily focusing on geology and how it impacts our lives in myriad ways, from earthquakes to the stone we use in buildings to the hills that make riding a bike more challenging. I write about geology because it is such a fascinating and cool subject, whether out on the trail or in your own backyard.

My award-winning book, Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle’s Topography, explores how Seattleites shaped the city via projects such as filling in the Duwamish tide flats, rejiggering the drainage of Lake Washington, and regrading Denny Hill.

Although geology is my primary subject, I also have a deep passion for all areas of natural history. My essays have ranged from exploring the ecological recovery at Mount St. Helens to a journey to find salmon in Seattle to a personal essay about seeing and holding first editions of On The Origin of Species.

In exploring the geology, plants, and animals of the world around us, I hope that my books, blogs and articles will encourage people to look more carefully at the natural world around them and to go outside and investigate. More…