A Naturalist’s Guide to Canyon Country


New and Updated with additional illustrations, updated names, corrected geologic time periods, and many other exciting items. Updated again in 2020 for a 3rd Edition.

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I have added more than 30 species, including butterflies, dragonflies, lichens, mosses, and such fun critters as mosquitoes, gnats, and horse flies. We have updated all of the drawings to now be in color. I have also updated all common and scientific names, as well as all of the geologic times. (It’s amazing how much can change in a decade.) Plus, I included more sections on new research and overlooked topics. And finally, the new design is spectacular.

A comprehensive guide to the geology, shrubs, trees, flowers, mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and arachnids of the northern Colorado Plateau (encompasses eastern Utah, far western Colorado, and sections of northern Arizona and New Mexico). First-time visitors and seasoned desert rats will appreciate this well-organized guide with over 250 species identified. Includes over 200 black-and-white and color drawings by Gloria Brown.

“Wandering through bookstores from Moab to Zion, we kept stumbling across this beautifully illustrated, highly informative book on red rock country. A Naturalist’s Guide to Canyon Country is an indispensable component of any Southwest trip.”
Best of 2006 – Gear and Trends – Desert
National Geographic Adventure – December 2005/January 2006

“When I am hiking in the desert I will take four items with me: food, water, a map, and this field guide. David Williams’ book is that essential and that critical to a desert lover’s experience.”
Terry Tempest Williams
Author of Refuge and Coyote’s Canyon

“Can you distinguish Cedar Mesa Sandstone from Wingate Sandstone? Find a hanging garden? Track a river otter? From Douglas fir to darkling beetle, and cryptobiotic soil crust to coyote, “A Naturalist’s Guide to Canyon Country” reveals the intricacies of nature in these slickrock landscapes. Whether you are a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, this engagingly written and beautifully illustrated book is a must.”
Susan J. Tweit
Author of The Great Southwest Nature Factbook