A Naturalist’s Guide to the White Rim Trail


Written with my pal Damian Fagan — Always nice to have a nice guide book on a nice trail.

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A 62-page introductory guide to the natural and culture history of the White Rim Trail, or as the park service calls it, the White Rim Road. Includes species lists, discussion of geology, flora, and fauna, and maps with mile-by-mile description of the road.

Our goal in writing this guide was to give people information that encourages them to not just “do” the White Rim, but to take the time to observe their surroundings in this magnificient landscape.

“ If I ever ride the White Rim, I imagine that I would carry this guide book.”
E. Merckx

“ Golly ned. I wish we had had such a nifty bit of writing when we visited the area. It certainly would have made for a much more swell experience.”
J.W. Powell

“ I might not have lost a single heifer if I had this handy book.”
Sog Shafer