Cairn A Day 19

More wine and rocks! Here’s another cairn related winery and winemaker Chris Hanson of Four Cairn told me about how they came up with the name.

“As far as the name and design our winery is young in its life.  We were trying to find a name that alluded to the vineyard site we have that is an old creek-bed, sandy, rocky and gravelly.  We wanted a name that had to due with rocks but be unique and something that had not been done.  So we came to the word Cairn that is known by many and not known by more.  The label designer loved the name and idea and came up with the hand drawn rocks that are on the label.  The Four comes from the size of our vineyard, four acres. We get a lot of positive comments on our label and questions of what is a cairn.  It sparks a conversation on the label, name and wine which is what it was intended to do.”


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