Cairns in the Seattle Times

I was quite honored to be interviewed recently by the book editor of the Seattle Times, Mary Ann Gwinn. Today is the day that the interview appeared in the news. My favorite question was the one about cairns of tragedy. It let me focus on the cairn that honors the death site of Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, and Henry Bowers, who along with Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans died on their doomed goal of reaching the South Pole. The other famous cairn of tragedy is the one found on King William Island and which contained the only written evidence ever found from the Franklin Expedition of 1845.


2 thoughts on “Cairns in the Seattle Times”

  1. Enjoyed the great interview. I was impressed not only with your answers but also with the good questions asked by Mary Ann Gwinn. Hope it attracts more attention to the book.

    1. Tony, Thanks. Yes, the cairns of tragedy question really pleased me. It does seem to have given the book a little traction, if you use Amazon as a gage. All the best, David

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