Cairns – Now on Amazon

Golly ned. I recently discovered that my new book, Cairns: Messengers in Stone, is now listed on Amazon. Pretty crazy considering it won’t be published till September, but if you are feeling frisky you could be the first on your block to order one. To do that, just contact your local independent bookstore and let them know that the book will be published and that you want one.

I am also getting ready to turn in the final round of page proofs. I am quite happy with this last chance for change. The images look good. The designer fixed a layout problem. And, I picked up a couple of wee mistakes, which I am not sure how they got in at this point but nice to find them.

Now, I get to see the real book, then wait for the lavish praise to pour in. You could be the first on your block to do this, too. Don’t be shy.

One thought on “Cairns – Now on Amazon”

  1. Looking forward to it. Wish I had a nearby local, independent book seller to approach about your book. Will you be linking to a book seller for this book as you’ve done with some of your others?

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