Morton Liquor Update

Flash! A quick update for those following the perturbations of my favorite liquor store. (By the way, I just want to clarify that having a favorite liquor store does not mean that I keep a list of favored liquor stores or that I have, say, a life list of liquor stores; it’s merely that I really like the building in Morton.) Jonathan Moore, who sent me the photos of Morton Gneiss at the Redwood Falls McDonald’s, has sent me some new photos of the Morton Liquor Store. Now there is even more reason to visit the building. The new owners have updated the place, dubbing it the Morton Pub and Eatery, and started serving a broader variety of food. Also, please note the historic photo, which shows the building before it was clad with the 3.5-billion-year old gneiss. The building was originally a mercantile built by JH McGowan and RB Hinton in the 1890s.
Upper photo courtesy of Jonathan Moore. Lower photo from Renville County Historical Society.

2 thoughts on “Morton Liquor Update”

  1. Very interesting to see the photo how the building looked back at the turn of the previous century. We are the new owners of the Morton Pub, and love the local geology as well. Morton Gneiss is truly beautiful and unique. Thanks for posting it! Regards, Wes and Min Ovre

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