Week Three of the Virtual Book Tour

Seven posts down and one to go on my virtual book tour. I have been pleased with the previous two weeks of my “travels.” Last Monday, I was on Brian Switek’s Laelaps, where we had a Q&A mostly oriented around Brian’s interest in all things paleontological. Next up was an interview with Michael Bradbury that he posted as an audio file on his RealScience, where he referred to me as a “big stone kinda guy…not one to shy away from a nice chunk of gneiss.” What more could I ask for? And then on Friday, I ended with a discussion about technology and transportation with Gina Hagler on Synthesis.

Today, my penultimate stop takes me overseas to England and a fun interview with Michael Welland’s wife on Through The Sandglass. Her questions are a bit more literary focused than my other stops. (The above image is from the posting; it is one of many intriguing photos created on Michael’s site.) I was particularly pleased to be able to talk more about Robinson Jeffers. And finally on Wednesday, I end up with a fun posting at Tom Furtwangler’s bikejuju.
Once again, thanks for tagging along.

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