Week Two of the Virtual Book Tour

Three down and five to go in my virtual blog book tour. For those who missed the first three posts during the first week, here are a few highlights. On Monday, August 17, I had a Q & A at Clastic Detritus. My favorite question had to do with what was one of my favorite meals in Italy, lardo, onion, and tomato on crusty bread followed by a shot of espresso. As I wrote “Geologizing doesn’t get any better than this.” There was also a discussion of “stone miles” or what I call the “slow stone” movement.

My focus on stop two, at A Daily Dose of Architecture, was several recent buildings that make use of stone. Each of the structures, ranging from California to Boston to New Mexico, showcased the versatility of stone and how people use it convey emotion, history, and sense of place. John Hill, who hosted me, wrote: “I can only hope the book helps readers appreciate the depth found in building stone, a material I believe is in need of a resurgence at a time when smooth and shallow materials predominate in architectural design.” I hope so, too.

And finally on Friday, Lyanda Lynn Haupt at The Tangled Nest, allowed me to write a blog for her. The discussion that followed focused mainly on the fine words interfingering and intercalating, two words I trust that everyone will want to be using soon and often.

This week I start on Monday at Laelaps with another Q & A, followed on Wednesday, with an audio interview at Real Science. I end this week at Gina Hagler’s Synthesis, where I discuss technology and transportation in the stone industry. I hope you can come along on the ride. It’s been fun so far.

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