Cairn A Day 5

Reaching back and far away, today’s cairn comes from Greenland from an expedition in the summer of 1936. Hugo Pallin was a Swedish explorer on a mountaineering and research expedition to west Greenland. Here is a description of his trip, which comes from an album for sale on Ebay. “He proceeded from Copenhagen on the SS Hans Egede and went along the coast of Western Greenland, visiting Umanak (Uummannaq), Nugssuaq (Nuussuaq) Peninsula (Uummannaq district) and Pröven. After that he went up north on the coast schooner Sigrid to Upernavik Island, and extensively climbed it in the vicinity of its highest peak Sanderson’s Hope. Together with J. Bjarnow, the district medical officer in Upernavik town, Pallin proceeded up north on motorboat to Melville Bay, usually inaccessible in summer, as the main destination. There the party made several ascents of Devil’s Thumb, Cape Seddon, mountains of Holms Island, Nuussuaq Peninsula (Upernavik Archipelago) and a number of small islands.”

This shot is from an unknown peak. The man in the image is probably Pallin. The shot illustrates another aspect of cairns, marking the summit of a peak. Sort of a funny thing to do, as if people didn’t realize they were at the top. Oh well.

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