Homewaters — Articles related to the book

Here are a few articles I have written that relate to my next book, Homewaters: Human and Natural History in Puget Sound.

  • GeoducksHuman history – Encylopedia of Puget Sound
    HerringHuman History – Encyclopedia of Puget Sound
    The Strait of Juan de FucaHistory – HistoryLink.org
    Vancouver Names Puget’s SoundHistory – HistoryLink.org
    Hudson’s Bay Company Builds Fort NisquallyHistory – HistoryLink.org
    SS Beaver, 1st Steamer in Puget SoundHistory – Historylink.org

Here are two links to a talk at MOHAI I did related to the book. Puget Sound: A Maritime Highway, which is one chapter in the book.

Audio – SoundCloud 


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