Too High and Too Steep — The Cover

Golly ned, I am excited to reveal the cover for my next book. Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle’s Topography will be published by the University of Washington Press in September 2015. Right now the book is moving through production. About two weeks ago, I turned in the copy-edited manuscript, which provided me the opportunity to address lots of details. Next time I see it, the book will be page proofs, which will be the first time I will see it as it will look as a book. Yay!Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 7.33.05 AM

2 thoughts on “Too High and Too Steep — The Cover”

  1. Right On, David…… will take a place of honor with the Williams Family publications.

    Lots of Good Luck.

    Barb R.

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