Building Stone Tours

For several years I have given tours of Seattle’s building stones. Now, I am trying something new. I am offering the tours through Groupon/Sidetours. Sidetours advertises itself as “Do Something Memorable.” They offer tours with experts in a variety of locations. Mine is one of many in Seattle. Here’s more information on my walks.

The tour is available on the following dates and times.

September 13 – 10AM to Noon
October 11 – 10AM to Noon
October 17 – 10AM to Noon
October 18 – 10AM to Noon

Walk Added

The Seattle Audubon Society has added a second time for the class/walk on building stone that I am leading on August 2. The first walk, at 10am filled. The second walk will be at 1pm and last until 3pm. The walk covers about 1.5 miles as we explore the building stone of downtown Seattle. For more information go to the classes page on the Society’s web site.

Some of the building stone we will see.